I think I just discovered the secret of life

As I’m writing this on Nov 13 on a Sunday, freezing in my apartment (long story) I think I’m getting closer and closer to fully knowing the meaning of life.

I’ll be honest, today wasn’t a good day, was a rough day with a lot of injustices and the matrix (the system) kicking my 🍑 even though usually the 13th is a good day for me. I won’t get into details (maybe in a future post 🤷🏻‍♀️).

Anyway, as I was thinking about the shit world we live in and with each year things seem to get harder and harder for all of us and questioning how did we end up here, it came into my mind the meaning of life for us, humans (with a soul).

The meaning of human life is very simple and easy: to do and live the extra or bonus things you can’t do as a soul and these are: talking, hugging someone, holding hands, having a relationship, eating food, wearing clothes, traveling, smelling, tasting, walking, running, etc. All these things you don’t do as a soul (energy). You don’t talk with other souls, you communicate through telepathy which is instant, you don’t wear clothes, you don’t eat food or drink anything. We are here in a physical form to experience these little things that are not a big deal for us now.

We came to experience this in a safe and loving environment BUT the current world have been contaminated a long time ago (around 300,000 years ago) by beings from the universe that need negativity to “exist” and they saw that humans have a lot of energy, but it’s the opposite frequency they need. They modified our DNA, created religion and rulers to make humans consider themselves small, powerless and to be in a constant negative state (fear, worry, anxiety, depression, competition, envy) to generate them their “food”.

Energy can’t be destroyed, but it can be transformed so they transformed our high-vibration energy into a low vibration energy. Now we have to remember who we really are, transform our energy and take our life and planet back. It’s time to kick them back into their black hole, they don’t belong here.

Even though today wasn’t an easy day, what happened at home shook my ground a little bit, but by the end of the day I managed to go back to my energy and I checked my shop’s visits and I saw this ↓

Today my shop’s views doubled even though I didn’t share any of the products in the last few days. Also my Instagram reach increased today even though I didn’t post anything, not even a story.

The state you are in, and how you see yourself matters it affects even the online medium that we were made to believe we can’t control.

Stop waiting for the universe to give you what you need, stop asking entities or beings to help you when they knocked you down, stop waiting for the right time for things to happen. By changing your frequency to who you really are, things have to happen for you, you don’t have to wait for anyone to allow you to have your basic needs met.

The system will throw rocks at you, they will try to shake you, to make you fall back on your knees, to see yourself as a small and powerless human (that you are not), but you have to always remember who you are:


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