Why I won’t offer Black Friday discounts

The majority of the black Friday discounts are a lie. Companies won’t lose 90% of their profits to offer you these once-a-year sales.

Many companies will increase the usual price so it will look like the regular price is a discount when it’s just a lie. Be aware.

My business is not here to scare you to buy to increase my profits.

I want to offer services and products fairly priced so they don’t need to be discounted for people to afford them.

All these sales tricks feel wrong to me and I will stand with my commitment to help you deprogram from the system so I can’t be part of it.

⚫ My life & business mentorship is life-changing and affordable

⚫ The Notion & Canva templates are very affordable

⚫ Printables & templates for your business are affordable too

⚫ My web design services are affordable (that price can be a black Friday sale promo all year 😆)

⚫ The numerology & human design courses are affordable

Nothing that I sell needs a discount so people can afford them.

My business metrics are driven by how many people my work reaches, not how much money I make. We live in a world where we need money, but I tell you from experience helping people change their life or make their business journey easier is better than any profit 🥇

Create a business that doesn’t need to be part of the system and offer discounts. Your time, knowledge & skills are worth it. 💖


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