I’m Ally Fortis and I’m a 24 years old lifestyle blogger. Join me in my journey to understand human mind and to learn the life lessons I get every day.

Ally Fortis is a blog about personal growth. Here, I share my knowledge and inspiration on becoming your best self and creating your dream life.

My story

I never thought about soul searching, personal growth and a better life, but the curiosity came up  4-5 years ago when I was very intrigued by human mind, how we think and how we understand and take decisions. In university, in my second year, the curiosity of soul searching and personal growth became bigger and bigger when I saw that what I visioned for my classes to be was total opposite.

I chose marketing with the vision that I will learn how to do advertisements and campaigns and be creative, but it was a lot of math, calculations, statistics, economic history, and so on, a few theories about marketing, but now how marketing works these days and how to create your own brand.

All these made me sad and disappointed and I really felt it wasn’t the right place for me and I was doing it just to have a degree, to have a chance for a better job, well paid and all the advantages you are taught you will have if you have a degree. 

At the second semester of my second year I had thoughts of quitting the university, but I wasn’t very sure. And the exam period came…That was the moment when I decided I want to quite because it does not worth the effort to study for the exams for something that I don’t like and it won’t help me in the future. 

And later I will assist to my bankruptcy. After I pass the shock of struggling to buy food  because I didn’t had enough money, I realized that I quite university on time, when I had money and I could afford it. So my brain knows this story, that I wanted to quite and not because I couldn’t afford to continue my studies, which happens months after I decided to quit. 

And this is when I realized that things happen at the right time. 

Why Ally Fortis?

First I created Ally xoxo blog to share my thoughts, experiences and life lessons with the world to inspire and help people. 

And then I thought, it would be easier for people to connect with me, as a person and not just a brand name. It happened to me many times when I have to contact a company, I feel a little intimidated thinking about the huge team and managers and the big brand that will read my questions or concerns about them. 

So, I want to keep things simple with Ally Fortis blog and social media. I will personally respond to your questions and comments, on social media you will talk with me not with a manager.

Feel free to reach out to me whenever you need help or a person to talk to.